Friday, September 3, 2010

Bit of Friday afternoon thrifting...

I must say I am not a great thrifter.... I like to look but I don't often buy things, unless of course there is a purpose. I also don't go very often...

But today! I was on my way home and I remembered a new retro/antiques store opened about 5 minutes from my house, thought I should probably check it out!

This is what I came home with ....

Super cute right? I picked up a big piece of vintage cutey aqua spotty fabric and a vintage kokeshi doll! I wanted to start a kokeshi collection and this one just jumped out at me!:) I think she might need a little bit of love... I think her hair might need a sanding and a revarnish... and I need to find her a special new spot in my house!


  1. Really cute. I spied you on the Blogging Your Way course.

  2. The shop is in Dromana.. is that helpful? hehe

  3. love this (found your blog via the Blog your way forum) and just wanted to say hello to a fellow student!

  4. very cute. Also doing decor8 e-course


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