Monday, September 20, 2010

My precious fur baby deserves gifts. Handmade gifts.

You've all met my beautiful bunny.... well she is fat. Too fat. She is looking at bit mangey as she is moulting and too fat to preen her own back. She doesn't reallllly enjoy a brush... and she told her dad that her mum plucking out her moulty fur is not only a little bit twingey but also a little demoralising. 
So she is on a diet. As a result we feed very very sorry for her... her usual routine is disrupted! At bedtime at night she is waiting by her food bowl for some delicious grains.. and they do not arrive! Only hay! Oh the disappointment of the small round basketball-with-a-head mini lop...

To alleviate her feelings of unloved-ness I have started crocheting her a round rug to sit on.... this is the beginnings...
 You can see as I have never ever crocheted anything round... it has gone a bit frilly... although it makes it better for my Suki-La who nuzzles the frillies...

This is Suki's first introduction to her rug...

You can see the excitement building as she snuggles into the center... yes. this is my rug. yes. my mum still loves me even though she is starving me. (note: on a vet prescribed diet - don't call the rspcsa - my bunny is loved and cared for:)

And then finally as you can see. The rug is loved. It is continually growing... it needs to be wide enough for a fully length stretch... then it will go into our bedroom for little Suki-La to sit on while she protects us while we sleep... you think I lie... no. She is the night watch for our pack... In the day I am watching... In the night Suki is watching:) And cold painted floorboards aren't nice for the newly slimmed bunny bottom on a long lonely night watch shift!

I have since learnt that you are supposed to add 1 extra stitch in every 4... working on it:) The rug is now nearly done:)


  1. Oh, that bottom photo is so cute - she is just as round as the rug! My guinea pig, Winston, is also overweight. We were putting hay into his cage during winter for warm bedding - and Winston was eating it all! So now he only gets newspaper for bedding. Maybe I should crochet him a little round rug... : )

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww alanna, she's soooooo cute and yes round!!! You should make her a ear flap beanie too hehe!!! Hope her diet goes well!

  3. Oh Winston! I love him! hehe we were feeding Suki too much grain and not enough grass hay! She erm.. sleeps infront of the heater... hehe

  4. LOL!!!! Alanna this totally cracked me up and brightened my evening. Too awesome! She's a beautiful bunneh!


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