Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Looking for something... to do...

I have one more day of school before the holidays.. and I have no more classes...

I really wanna make something cool. But what to make?? I have been looking on etsy's alchemy... i like the idea of helping someone to make something they want and actually having a purpose for it... but you have to wait so long to know if they are even interested!

I bidded on making 50 tiny paper cranes for $15 american... under priced... but I JUST WANT SOMETHING TO DO!

I think I will go and make some cranes now... I'm so bored! And I will try making a bunny bed for my beautiful baby girl... she needs a bed since she is going to stay over at both her grandparents houses while we are away... She will miss us.. and a new bed might be just the trick... with old smells on it of course! Also then I can send a picture of it to that girl that wants a bunny bed... she will see my wonderful creation! And LOVE IT!!! Or not... I can dream:)

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