Wednesday, March 19, 2008

First day of Blog...

So I have never had a blog before... This is really a test run... How will it go? Do I really have anything exciting to say? I don't have any funny stories about my kids... just my house bunny... and really that tends to only appeal to those who love bunnies...
I'm a teacher... but that means I can't really share funny stories from work...
And I tend to only make things on the weekends... if at all since I have been preparing for my wedding... which isn't until NEXT YEAR. A full year... just need to find a place to get married then I can relax:)
I made two awesome hoodies on the weekend though. I like the first one best... although it is less stretchy than the second one... It's kinda hard to get on... but once it is on... very lovely:) The second has bunnies on it. I love bunnies.

This picture shows one of the birds from my first hoodie, which was white with a kind of creamy yellow lining with grey dots, also used to applique a simplified tree, and vintage red kimono birds. The kimono was from Nara in Japan where I went last January for a holiday (after living there for a year!). Well that's a lie. I lived in Osaka! But my recent obsession with birds comes from getting engaged in the best hot chocolate shop in the world called "Akai Tori" which means red bird... in Osaka. SO this is a spare bird I had left over... so i used it on a baby singlet... I like it... :)

Anyway I am no longer a blog virgin. I wonder if I will ever share that I blog with my friends?? Who knows?? They already know my stories... and it is nice to remain a little anonymous with my thoughts:)

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