Saturday, April 28, 2012

They always said time would fly....

And it has... it's been 4 weeks since Poppy joined our family of 3 - including my first baby, Suki bunny.

After coming home from hospital it has been super super busy... I never understood how much time even such a sleepy baby would take up! Nearly every moment is dedicated to feeding, changing, washing and cleaning up after the lovely Poppy! I have managed to fit in a few crafty things but only because I have my lovely husband at home... but only for another two weeks! Then I'm on my own:( Well not really but Suki isn't much help, she doesn't overly approve or have interest in the "Noisy Pink" that has joined us.

I decided before Poppy was born that because I was so slack at taking pregnancy photos I must take pictures of her as she grew, I saw so many options for how to record her growing up over her first year, this one was one of my favourites, from Young House Love blog, I decided to give it a shot.. here is the first 4 weeks of our Poppy:)

Can you see any growing up?

I know she is crying... she hates no pants... and this week has been a very "crying" week for her... reflux has hit... much vomiting and cry face:( Poor baby:( Hopefully next week will be less yucky for poor little Poppy!

Can't believe my little bubby is nearly 1 month old... it goes so quick... I don't even know what day it is...


  1. Oh Poppy is such a cute little darling, so sweet.

  2. what a cutie & such a lovely way of recording her growth :)

  3. Hi, Poppy is very beautiful baby indeed. I wish you and your growing family all the best for the future from a very cold Scotland,UK. Dee x
    p.s I just noticed the date on the top,lol Poppy will be firing on all cylinders now lol x


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