Saturday, April 7, 2012

Poppy Mae has arrived:)

Our lovely Poppy was born last week and we are just back from the hospital:)

Suki has come home from a holiday at grandma and grandpa's while we were in hospital. Suki is unsure about the 'Small Pink' that came home with us.... But she definitely thinks it means more treats are required from the fridge... And now that she is a big sister she is brave enough to traverse the kitchen looking for treats...

Poppy hasn't noticed her furry big sister yet... Poppy hasn't really noticed much - so much sleeping! Accept for a joy for the singing parts on "glee". She seems to love Quinn the best...

I am looking forward to posting some crafty nesting that happened in preparation for Poppy's arrival... Although for some reason i was really more into ironing... I know.. Not useful at all, onesies do not need to be ironed...


  1. Wow congratz! My middle name is May too and I love it! Enjoy this special time with your new pink bundle, as everyone says it goes way too fast!


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