Friday, May 6, 2011

Pettiskirts! Pettiskirts!Pettiskirts everywhere!

So my niece started dance classes... not as structured as ballet - more 2 nearly 3 year old dance moves...

What do you wear to this dance class? Whatever you want apparently! Spider man costumes, PJs whatever takes your fancy! Well pettiskirts took my niece's fancy!

So what do you do when your favourite ever only niece wants a pettiskirt? You order the fabric in straight away and start making them! And if you're a small business owner what do you do? You order 4 skirts worth... especially if your super cute little lady can't decide between pink or purple....

Luckily for all of us she loved  two skirts:) Two shades of light pink and one light purple (orchid) and light pink....

These are the two I have left!

Check out those ruffles! These will be available in my etsy store asap! 


  1. Divine! Your cleverness never fails to amaze me

  2. Gorgeous! You are probably the best auntie in the world!


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