Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From a reformed semi-hoarder...

I am not going to lie... I hoard craft items. I can't help it. I have so many crafty interests.  I found out after religiously watching the TV show Hoarders... 
I am lucky enough to have a craft room all to myself.  The craft room where my problem began had cupboards where I could put hide all my lovely potential craft projects.  In the Ghetto there is no storage...  that along with moving my craft goods between to 4 different houses over 18 or so months I have realised I have too much! I have more boxes for my craft room than I do my bedroom - including ALL my clothes! I keep saying I am going to use it. I'm not going to buy any more until I use what I have... which I am being good at! But it's not happening quick enough... We will be moving again in a few months into our new house where my craft room will be included in my giant living room, so it needs to be much better looking to be part of our "on display" home...
So I started two weeks ago. My kindle clutch was in the "Shop til you Drop" magazine and I only had 5 in my etsy store. What bad organisation! So I decided. I has to be done. I am working through this (only a small portion of my fabric stash:).....

And turning it into these....

Please check out my new kindle clutches, because now it seems like I am hoarding clutches! hehe
Eventually I will show you a photo of my non-hoardy hoard craft room:)


  1. Well done !! You should see my stash hoard !! I was born in the Year of the Rat..... a collector of that could be useful..... I could make ...with that !!

    And lately I haven't had the energy to be creative so it all sits there waiting !!

  2. ohhh gosh lovely stash you have there!!!! So damn sweet!!!

  3. Your stash is so organised! Mucho jealousy on my part...

  4. Now I've heard the best way to stop hoarding is to give it away.... ;)... hint hint hint. Hahahahaha. That is quite a lovely {large!} collection!



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