Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas!

I know. It's a little late. But I had to work! Now i am on holidays and it feels a little more christmasy! hehe
So here you can see my Christmas time cupcakes in the fridge in their cupcake box... they are surprisingly coffee and nutmeg flavoured.... and if you use your imagination you can see that the icing is a bit like a christmas tree? Wellll that is what i was aiming for!!

And my pud. there it is! only... ooooo about 5 hours of boiling to go.... i haven't even eaten that recipe before so i hope it tastes ok....

And yes. that is the car in the driveway. yes. you can see straight into the house from the street through the splash back.... no nude cooking... well not with the inside lights on!


  1. Happy Travels!!! Hope you have a wonderful time. I have some of the new trip too. Thanks..


  2. I would possibly commit murder for one of those right now!

  3. Those Christmas cupcakes look so cute!


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