Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Summer Rental...

We have moved! We are out of our Mornington house and are now in our Safety Beach house. We will be here for only four months. Barely worth unpacking! But this is not true:) hehe I need to unpack my craft room. So I thought I would show you the craft room before I have unpacked it.. hopefully this will encourage me to finish unpacking and make it all pretty and stuff so I can take a lovely photo of it finished later! You can even see how the stuff it hanging out the door and edging down the hallway... only a matter of time till the stuff makes its way out to the dining room table...

And this is sad little Suki-la stuck outside the door gate... no carpet for lovely suki to chew on...


  1. Unpacking, ewww. Just the worst job ever. Good luck with it.

  2. awww @ little Suki-la maybe Suki can help you unpack ;) hehe - looks like fun and games! good times

  3. hahahahah suki looks soooo sad! i need to come over and give her some love! xxx

  4. Hey thats cool post and I like it a lot. As you have presented it very well in the cute morning of the Christmas a purple colored star... Amazing!!



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