Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday Wishlist (on's all good)

I know its late! But tried really hard on Wednesday but I was using a Mac and it was all to difficult...

These are some lovely things I think that my lovely niece from below should have for her 1st birthday next month!
Build a tree - Adhesive fabric wall stickers by lovemaestore, because I love them.... I kind of want them for myself... must resist urge...

Kiki the Little Toy Horse by Neverever, because everyone needs a pink horse to cuddle:)

Frolicking in the rose garden - Hand dyed, Drop Waist dress
. By Littlepoppett, because she doesn't have a party dress yet!! ( how cute is that model??)

Yummy Pink Cupcake by FeltfoodCreations, because there will be yummy pink cupcakes at her birthday!


  1. oh Alanna! Thanks for wishing for the frolic dress! hehehe she is pretty cute that model......

  2. Cute...I think I might put the LittlePoppett model on my next wishlist ;)

  3. Awwww Alanna! Such gorgeous pink cuties! Thanks for putting Kiki in. I love the wall sticker too...


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