Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day - present for Mum:)

I got my mum's present ages ago... but thought i should probably make her something to go with her new mothers day brooch. So I made her a bag, the top one in the grey with the leaves. It's for her to take to the market to put her goodies in:) Mum deserves a new bag:) hehe

Then I liked it so much I made one for my etsy store! But different to mum's because that is her special bag. Only for my mum:) The orange one is called the "Brunch Bag" and you can see it here. :)


  1. Lovely bags!! I love the birdie fabric!

    I hope ur mother likes her new bag!!

  2. Ooooh particularly like the orange one!

  3. oh i love mum's bag! I love the fabric too! I'm bias cause there are leaves on it!!!! hehe. You should make some more for etsy, i don't think mum will mind:P


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