Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ARRRrrrr a pirate party for me... :)

So this is the latest photo I have of nerd al and myself. Attending none other than Nerd Al's sister Lucy's Pirate Party, at the family boatshed. You can also see on the right is Josh, Lucy's boyfriend and our friend. Yes he grew that facial hair for the event. Oh and my parrot. Inflatable parrot. How can you go wrong.

Hehe:) A lot of rum was involved. A lot. Nerd Al does not have a pirate's alcohol tolerance...:)


  1. AAAAAaaarrrr me hearties!
    Rum, of course!
    Here is my pirate in the family

  2. Well this pic was obviously taken early in the night as you all look quite um sobre...maybe not Josh so much...and I think Suki would have made a damn fine shoulder sitting pirate bunny...u have to watch out for that rum it can do bad bad things.....

  3. Hehe that was when we got there! Josh had been there a while.. constructing a pirate shanty with his wench:) hehe

  4. Arrghh, me hearties! Here's our resident pirate:


  5. I need to borrow your parrot my sister is having a pirate wedding in 3 weeks

  6. Pirate wedding! That is awesome!

  7. hahahhaha this picture is so cool alanna! yes i agree you should have had a pirate bunny on your shoulder!!!


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