Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gocco love

So it's true I have gocco love. I can't help it. It is so simple and so effective... and virtually no clean up (when you accidentally throw all the dirty screens out) and I can do it while sitting in front of the tv watching my favourite show:)

I made my first gocco image of our wedding invites. I can't show you the whole thing, just parts. Just in case someone coming to the wedding will look on here...
As I mentioned before though... I am trying to be somewhat anonymous... or at least i like to think I am. Although having a picture of myself probably doesn't aid with anonymousness...

The reason for the bird obssession is that we got engaged in the best hot cocoa shop in the world called "Akai Tori" or red bird, in Japan, and so i have gone with the bird theme... although for the wedding I have used the blue... the red was a little strong:)
I also planned for the card to be a more stoney colour but unfortunately envelope colour was the deal breaker... who knew they didn't make the stoney coloured envelope?

Ahhhh the silliness of weddings... worrying about whether or not your envelope colour matches... Nerd al questioned the importance of this instore... only to be met with a stony "Of course it matters. It will look stupid with the wrong colour envelope."

I am turning into bridezilla. Craft Bridezilla.


  1. These invites look absolutely lovely...I like the bird being the bluebird of happiness!

  2. Oh gocco invites! Fabulous! Tee hee look forward to following the tales of Craft Bridezilla....

  3. the invites look lovely, you are very clever - craft bridezella!

  4. ooooohhh! Lovely. Sometimes I wish that we had not eloped so that I could become craft bridzilla! That are beautiful.

  5. Oh Bobishi they are gorgeous! So so lovely, and the gocco looks great.

    i like that you have "Something blue" there too.

  6. Ha ha funny, id like to see that, 'Craftzilla'!

    Anyways, it is silly, stoney, white, cream, grey does it Really matter, specially, id reckon, people throw the envelope out as soon as they get it.

    Anyway, love ur invites and the theme, with the bird, very sweet!

  7. Thanks for the convo! your gocco invites look wonderful! i'm glad you got a gocco kit, good luck with it, and congratulations!

  8. the invites look fantastic!! a craft bridezilla is a good thing no?


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