Sunday, July 13, 2008

Last day:(

The last day of holidays... the worst day... I thought about all the things I should have done... and have not! And all the things I still want to do and once again haven't...
Too much drinking hot chocolate and shopping. When will I ever learn!

Today I tried to make better use of my time than actually getting ready for work tomorrow, I mean why would I want to be ready for the 75 students I have tomorrow? And I made these ruffle bottom pants. Girly, yet, not pink! I am not totally happy as the inside is definately not as pretty as the outside, my sewing machine just wasn't upto the task, and these simple 1.5 hours pants took me nearly ALL day! So I have investigated overlockers. I want one. I can no longer continue with out one!

I will have to watch my ebay bid... see how my purchase goes...

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