Monday, October 17, 2011

Sorry... I've been so busy...

 I've been knitting this...

It was from a Sublime pattern book out of a Sublime 8 ply cashmere, merino and silk mix.  Oh that sounds fancy! I think the pattern was called "Vintage Duffle Coat" and it wasn't too hard:) I haven't blocked it yet... but that's because I usually block using towels and pin the item into the carpet... but we don't have any carpet right now:( Except Suki's carpet mat... but after yesterday when she viciously bit me when I touched the rug she was smoothing I have decided against touching her carpet mat! 

It should be ok though... 

The duffle won't be needed for another 6 months or so...

Critter isn't cooked yet.... Finally an in-house tester for all my baby related crafting! hehe:)

Hope to visit more often now I'm feeling a bit better:) Just look at the coat some more and pretend like I was never missing:)


  1. Congratulations Alanna!!! I'm so super happy for you. :)

  2. Congratulations! And happy knitting and crafting! Suki is jealous, I think. Perhaps she knows?


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