Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Creative Odyssey:)

Image from here :)

Today I am participating in the Creative Odyssey blog hop run by the lovely Jess Van Den:)  Today is day 9 of the blog hop and my turn to share my creative odyssey for 2011. You can catch up on the line up here or check out the other participant from today quiet paws:)

This year I followed the advice of the image above by Leah Rosenberg:) I embraced my inner granny. I practised my crochet. I painted my floor boards white. I learnt a little more about myself and the fact that I can just enjoy what I am doing without worrying about what other people think of my granny activities:)

My creative odyssey for 2011 stems from my need to streamline:) Next year I plan to creatively streamline my craft room so I can use the space more effectively! My odyssey involves using my lovely fabric stash and all the lovely bits and pieces I have stored all over house!:) At the end of this week I start 6 weeks of holidays and I can't wait to start my mission:) I want to use what I have rather than buy new fabrics for every new task. I want to make sure I am using up all my scraps and not wasting anything!

I plan to make lots of beautiful things for my family, friends and my etsy store:) Right now I have so many ideas and just no time to make them all! So next year I want to make the time and the space (in my craftroom, not on the couch) to take advantage of the opportunities I have to create beautiful things.

I also want to build things! Especially this....

Image from here:)

I love building furniture and this is my creative making goal for the year:)

I hope you have enjoyed hearing a few of my creative odyssey ideas for 2011, make sure you check in with the other bloggers following the Creative Odyssey blog hop:)


  1. Alanna! I *love* that sideboard-y-storage-thingie - awesome! Hmmm... maybe I should put that on a list for Nick to make for me.. hehe.. Perhaps wait until we actually have a house to put it in!

    I hope you have a ball on your holidays, and enjoy the kid-free time.. and make sure to come by the Etsy forum thread, we miss your stories! :D xx

  2. Best of luck! I wish I had floorboards to paint white, maybe someday :-)

  3. YAY for our inner grannies! I have just taken up cross stitch and am loving it.
    Building furniture - how cool is that? I can't wait to follow you on your journey.

  4. You build furniture? That's fabulous. I absolutely love that piece you picked out.

    Also, I love your idea for using all your fabric scraps. I'm constantly trying to come up with new ways to use mine as well. Maybe we should share projects with each others. I love seeing what other people make.

    Good luck with your creative goals in 2011.

  5. That cabinet/storage counter looks amazing - what a fun project to do!

  6. I love those shelves! Good luck making them. I made myself some work shelves this year and it was the best accomplishment I think I made for the year!

    Best wishes for 2011! I hope it's a wonderful year for you!

  7. okay, first LOVE the mantra! Enjoy yourself and pay them no mind - we all need that hung up in our creative spaces, don't we?! Second, The cabinet is to-die-for that will be an amazing project. And streamlining a creative space is a wonderful way to start off the new year. Third, using up ever last bit if my current supplies is for sure one of my goal this year too. Best wishes for a fabulous 2011!


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