Saturday, October 2, 2010

When a girl has too much fabric...

Who ever knew that could happen??
I have a fair stash, but currently my craft tables are hidden under a mountain of little bits of fabric! Still too big/useful to discard, I use them to make one of my favourite things. Mini bunting. Currently we have no mini bunting up. It is a self imposed ban. I may have previously "over bunted" at my last home... we are taking a bunting break, which means more bunting for you!

Here are two sets I prepared earlier...

The first one is a cute cotton set which literally made me smile while I was ironing it, the second is a longer vintage kimono fabric bunting (it's actually from the obi...). it is all metallic and silvery good:) Both available in my etsy store... if I don't get confused are try to keep them... and  over bunt another house....

And they are my new laundry shelves... love a good floating shelf also:)  I got a bit excited and put my Able and Game post card and Pocket Carnival gift card framed in my laundry... everyone has framed images in their laundry right? right?

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