Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentines felt fortune cookies:) Awwww:)

Using a tutorial found here, I made some felt fortune cookies! Although i did adjust the materials and pattern a little... and my version could do with some more refining I think, but how many felt fortune cookies does a girl need? 2 jars? Probably enough:) I am going to make some more for my workmates to brighten up their valentines day:) And my sister. Because I found out she reads my blog. She asked me if I realised how many spelling mistakes there was. Suggested I should read my posts before I post them... hmm hehe:) Now I am all nervous.

Anyway super quick and easy valentines day project if you are feeling up to it! hehe Make sure your cotton is the right colour. They look much better with the correct cotton colour... as do most things...:)

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