Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crafty nesting - Chenille Burp cloths

A long time ago I made a Chenille baby blanket for a friends precious new baby using this tutorial from Aesthetic Nest blog. I loved making it and thinking about the lovely baby going to be born, I also found it super exciting when it came back from the washing and drying process all fluffed up:) Craftishly nerdy I know:)

Nesting really got me when I was pregnant... I wanted to make everything nice for my new baby... I even wanted to make pretty burp cloths.. despite the comments of "Why do you want to make something pretty for cleaning up and catching spew?", good question... but my crafty side said why should it have to ugly?:) So of I went to the fabric store - I had lots of beautiful bits of fabric for backing but I needed something super vomit absorbent! Towelling? No... New towel made into burp cloth sized piece? No, too pregnant to brave the shops.... Chenille? No, could make my own... Make my own? I have heaps of left over flannel! :) And some lovely vintage fabric made into bias tape that I bought here at My Poppet, check it out, I think Cinti's mum makes it, many types, super cute:) I could never decide how to use it best and this is the perfect opportunity!  I didn't take any pictures of the process because I was super pregnant and super forgetful when I made these! I think I made them the day before I had Poppy...

So without prewashing any of the fabrics I cut the flannel pieces into 10x15 inch rectangles and layered 5 pieces in alternating colours. I cut my backing fabric a little bit bigger all the way around.

I drew one line on a 45 degree angle and started sewing straight lines, lining up the edge of the presser foot with the last line of sewing.

On finishing the sewing (it takes a little time) I used my chenille tool to rip the flannel layers, although you could just as easily use scissors on something this size. I then cut around the backing to the edge of the flannel and where it had moved around I cut back the flannel too so all the layers were level around the edge.
I also traced around a round bowl in the corners to make them round:)

I then attached bias binding all the way around the edge.

My part was done!! I then send my cloths off to my mother in law who washes them in her top load washing machine with a tennis ball or two, then she pops them in the dryer for extra fluffing:) It doesn't work as well in a front loader.

Now Poppy and I use them regularly. I must say we do still use some unattractive towelly type burp cloths because these chenille ones are a little stiff for some purposes,but they are super good for under the head in bed which means less sheet washing with regular bed vomits!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

They always said time would fly....

And it has... it's been 4 weeks since Poppy joined our family of 3 - including my first baby, Suki bunny.

After coming home from hospital it has been super super busy... I never understood how much time even such a sleepy baby would take up! Nearly every moment is dedicated to feeding, changing, washing and cleaning up after the lovely Poppy! I have managed to fit in a few crafty things but only because I have my lovely husband at home... but only for another two weeks! Then I'm on my own:( Well not really but Suki isn't much help, she doesn't overly approve or have interest in the "Noisy Pink" that has joined us.

I decided before Poppy was born that because I was so slack at taking pregnancy photos I must take pictures of her as she grew, I saw so many options for how to record her growing up over her first year, this one was one of my favourites, from Young House Love blog, I decided to give it a shot.. here is the first 4 weeks of our Poppy:)

Can you see any growing up?

I know she is crying... she hates no pants... and this week has been a very "crying" week for her... reflux has hit... much vomiting and cry face:( Poor baby:( Hopefully next week will be less yucky for poor little Poppy!

Can't believe my little bubby is nearly 1 month old... it goes so quick... I don't even know what day it is...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Poppy Mae has arrived:)

Our lovely Poppy was born last week and we are just back from the hospital:)

Suki has come home from a holiday at grandma and grandpa's while we were in hospital. Suki is unsure about the 'Small Pink' that came home with us.... But she definitely thinks it means more treats are required from the fridge... And now that she is a big sister she is brave enough to traverse the kitchen looking for treats...

Poppy hasn't noticed her furry big sister yet... Poppy hasn't really noticed much - so much sleeping! Accept for a joy for the singing parts on "glee". She seems to love Quinn the best...

I am looking forward to posting some crafty nesting that happened in preparation for Poppy's arrival... Although for some reason i was really more into ironing... I know.. Not useful at all, onesies do not need to be ironed...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Doing things... busy things...

It's school time again... we have been back at school for 2 weeks after the nice long 6 weeks off! But what a busy 6 weeks! Christmas for 17 at our new house, beach days, unpacking, preparing for the baby, doing weird things like ironing onesies (yes my secret nesting shame - i'm generally not an ironer at all!), teaching some kids sewing classes and making patterns.

This is my newest pattern, "Francis the Elephant" :) It is a super simple pattern and one of the kids classes managed to make it really well! The pattern is done, just need to finish off the instructions:)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sorry... I've been so busy...

 I've been knitting this...

It was from a Sublime pattern book out of a Sublime 8 ply cashmere, merino and silk mix.  Oh that sounds fancy! I think the pattern was called "Vintage Duffle Coat" and it wasn't too hard:) I haven't blocked it yet... but that's because I usually block using towels and pin the item into the carpet... but we don't have any carpet right now:( Except Suki's carpet mat... but after yesterday when she viciously bit me when I touched the rug she was smoothing I have decided against touching her carpet mat! 

It should be ok though... 

The duffle won't be needed for another 6 months or so...

Critter isn't cooked yet.... Finally an in-house tester for all my baby related crafting! hehe:)

Hope to visit more often now I'm feeling a bit better:) Just look at the coat some more and pretend like I was never missing:)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Suki la is famous world wide...

I know you know about my Suki... I show you pics all the time:)
But today Suki had a whole blog post through lillyella's blog focus on etsy pets:)here is the link:)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is it nearly time yet??

We are waiting very patiently.... waiting for our new house. It will be about 3 weeks apparently.... we will see:)
But in the mean time I gave up on waiting for spring... I very much dislike winter... it's super cold here this year and rainy! Which is good because the drought is over now... but so cold!
So I decided to finish up with winter and start my own spring! I started growing seeds inside for our new garden! I am growing Pompom Dahlias, delphiniums, zinnias and poppies!

Super cute little seedlings:) I do so love my seedy babies:) Grow babies! Grow! :)
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